Veysel Sarikus Joseph Tawadros Signature Series Oud

Elegance, Quality – A Celebration Of Sound

Finishing the JT Signature Oud

Master Oud Luthier Veysel Sarikus is proud to present the Joseph Tawadros Signature Series Oud.

This is an exciting new instrument by one of the world’s great young Oud makers.

Through traditions passed down from luthiers in his family, Veysel has learnt to adapt the acoustics and aesthetics of traditional oud making to the needs of the modern oud player.

Working closely with Egyptian-Australian Oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros, Sarikus designed the Oud to JT’s specifications. The JT Signature Oud offers a wide range of dynamics and a sweet Arabic sound which will appeal to oud enthusiasts, from beginners right through to professional and virtuoso performers and at an affordable price.

JT is an adventurous and highly skilled musician who has collaborated on stage and in the studio with artists from diverse genres, including traditional Arabic musicians, New York jazz legends, rock bands, orchestras and folk musicians from all over the world.

I think this oud will suit players who love the deep, solid, well rounded and charming Arabic sound, but also want to explore it on a modern platform, not just in the traditional sense… I’ve played on a lot of ouds and I can honestly say, it is by far the best new Arabic oud I’ve ever played. I have great respect for Veysel Sarikus and his fine new instrument line.

Veysel and I wanted to collaborate on a great sounding and well balanced oud which met the standards of any Arabic style player without breaking the budget and I think we’ve achieved this. – JT

The Joseph Tawadros Signature Model

The JT Signature Oud is a combination of beautiful workmanship, high quality materials and Veysel’s vision as a luthier.

Strings and Learning

7 courses tuned (from bass to treble)*
C – Single course1
F – Single course2
AA – Double course
DD – Double course
GG – Double course
CC – Double course
FF – Double course
Bowl: Wenge, Zebrana and Paduk
Soundboard: Quality Aged Black Sea Spruce
Fingerboard: Ebony
String Length: 61.5cm
Rosettes: Baroque Style, Plexiglass
Pickguard: Ebony
Tuning Pegs: Rosewood
Bowl Cap: Wenge
*Also available in a 6 course version on request
1Can be tuned down to an A as suggested by JT
2Can be tuned down to an D as suggested by JT

Introductory Offer

As a special introductory offer, Veysel Sarikus is offering the JT Signature Series Oud at an amazing promotional price: $US1500 ORDER TODAY!


Mother of Pearl around Sound Holes
Stylish JT logo on the fingerboard (Mother of Pearl)
Quality electric under bridge Pickup
Inlayed Pickguard
Other Materials available for rosettes
*Extras will infer a cost depending on request – to be discussed with Veysel

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