Joseph Tawadros

Joseph Tawadros AM is a leading Oud virtuoso, composer and 4 time ARIA award winner.
Joseph was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia in 2016. Born in Cairo, he is currently living in London.


“At 34 years of age, Joseph Tawadros is one of the world’s leading oud performers and composers. A virtuoso of amazing diversity and sensitivity …

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Live at Sydney Opera House with Sydney Symphony (2020) ABC Classics ” … a thrilling album, cinematic in scope and full of drama. At times meditative and at others exhilarating, it stands at the crossroads of East and West, of tradition and innovation, this is an album unlike anything you have ever heard before.”


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‘Betrayal of a Sacred Sunflower’ “Here, the prolific and prodigious oud master takes yet another direction. Moving away from the pyrotechnical playing …”

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  1. Capoeira by the Nile 'World Music' 2016 2:25
  2. Gem "Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors' 2015 4:15
  3. Bluegrass Nikriz 'Permission to Evaporate' 2014 6:36
  4. Freo 'Chameleons of the White Shadow' 2013 6:23
  5. Seafarer 'Concerto of the Greater Sea' 2012 5:57
  6. Self Knowledge The Prophet (2009) 02:02
  7. Stranger Angel - Limited Edition (2008) 05:24
  8. Light Angel - Limited Edition (2008) 06:38
  9. Cafe Riche Epiphany (2007) 07:57
  10. Dahab Visions (2006) 02:41
  11. Cairo Rouhani (2005) 07:07
  12. Bab El Hadid Storyteller (2004) 05:03
  13. Hallucination on a String Storyteller 07:07
  14. Anubis Joseph Tawadros 3:42

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Latest video: Concerto for Oud and Orchestra at Sydney Opera House, June 2019


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