Storyteller (2004)

Storyteller album cover

ABC Classics 2004


JT 2004
Nominated for an Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) “Best World Music Album 2004”

“a dazzling technique dispensing hair raising tempos, florid ornamentation, double and triple stopping and ferocious attack”

“Tawadros pours out brillant cascades of notes underscored by a get up and dance percussive rhythm. The playing is exhilarating”

– The Weekend Australian, July 24-25, 2004


1. Storyteller
2. Zahra
3. Leh Keda
4. Maqam of the Nile
5. The famished face
6. The olive branch
7. Hallucination on a string
8. Hawa al nahar
9. Bab al hadid
10. Pharaohs dream
11.Birds of Paradise

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Joseph Tawadros (Oud)