Rouhani (2005)

rouhani album cover

JT 2005

“It’s rich and incredibly vibrant, it sings but at the same time has quite a percussive sound. It sounds exotic in the sense that it takes you to a different planet. Its just a piece of wood with some strings on it, but it’s what the craftsman, Joe, does with it that matters”

“He’s got good nerves and astonishing intrinsic talents. He’s also a great composer with a real gift of melody and structure”

Limelight Magazine, Richard Tognetti, December 2005

1. Nahawani
2. Beyond the river
3. Dounia
4. Nayati
5. Ancestral Flame
6. Rouhani – Athar Kord
7. Cairo 1927
8. Varanasai Dreaming
9. Hand in Hand – Sydney Live


Featured artists:

Joseph Tawadros (Oud) Bobby Singh (Indian Tabla)