History Has A Heartbeat (2022)

History album art‘History has a Heartbeat’

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Joseph Tawadros (Oud) and Yidaki (Didj) master William Barton bring two ancient cultures together in a unique collaboration alongside other superb musicians – Leonard Grigoryan, James Tawadros and Sam Golding.

This first-time combination of Arabic Egyptian Oud and Indigenous Australian Yidaki is a truly unique collaboration. These ancient instruments join forces in an unlikely and dynamic pairing creating a new authentic voice in Australian music.

“For this album, I recorded my oud with amazing musicians – William Barton (Yidaki), Leonard Grigoryan (classical and 12 string guitar), Sam Golding (trumpet and flugelhorn), and James Tawardors (riqq, tar, bendir) at Church Street Studios and Free Energy Device in Sydney. We drew from traditional and ancient music but set it firmly in the contemporary realm.”

Joseph sees that on an emotional level, our past influences our future, our decisions, our upbringing, our social and political worldview.

“Being Australian allows me to celebrate and draw from my Egyptian heritage alongside Australia’s many cultures. There is plenty to think about this on the album and the traditions within it. I attended Redfern Public School as a migrant child. At school we celebrated Indigenous Australia, with pride and a seed was planted then that has grown over the years as I began to understand music, my own culture and Australia better. It has eventually led to the inspiration for this album with my friend William. Redfern Public was tough at times, but it gave me a knowledge of people that have been at one with this land thousands of years before anyone else and their history is still alive in Australia with its heart beating strongly.”

The album was mixed and mastered by two studio craftsmen Joseph trusts with his work – Charlie Norton and Matt Jefferies.

Listen to “History Has A Heartbeat”