Event Description

Joseph Tawadros AM is a multi- award-winning player of the Oud, a Middle Eastern lute. His musicianship has brought him into contact with the worlds of jazz, classical and world traditions and drawing form these he creates original music that transcends labels and shatters borders.
On stage Joseph is an articulate story-teller with a quick wit and astute observations. His charismatic style and ad-lib chats brings another dimension to the performance.

Joseph Tawadros (oud), Matt McMahon (piano), James Tawadros (Egyptian percussion), Karl Dunnicliff (double bass)

Joseph’s music has brought middle-eastern, classical and contemporary jazz together seamlessly and he is considered by peers and music critics to be a truly original performer and an innovative composer.
He shares an almost telepathic rapport with his band members: brother James, a percussionist, bassist Karl Dunnicliff and jazz pianist Matt McMahon, leading to moments of joyous spontaneous invention. These musicians are each leaders in their own field, in high demand for performances and recordings, yet always happiest when they can work with Joseph.


“But the encore itself, raised the energy levels with its new heights of virtuosity, lightening fingerwork and rhythmic strumming seamlessly switching between and blending bluegrass and Arabic music. A perfect conclusion to a performance that was all about challenging perceptions – of culture, identity and, of course, the oud itself.“ Review of Joseph’s BBC Proms concert 2018, BachTrack, London

‘‘Tawadros may like to joke about his Aussie accent…. yet there remains a core of spirituality in his playing. You didn’t have to be a disciple of the writings of Khalil Gibran to appreciate the graceful contours’’ THE TIMES, LONDON AUGUST 2018

“Tawadros would be hard pressed to assemble more sympathetic musicians than pianist Matt McMahon, percussionist James Tawadros and bassist Karl Dunnicliff … the playing of all was nuanced, precise and sparkling with invention and energy, and McMahon routinely showered the music with torrential yet concise improvisations.” John Shand SMH

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