Event Description

Joseph Tawadros has a gift for infusing beauty with sadness, and vice-versa. He writes fragile melodies in which notes hang in the air long enough to ache as well as beguile. His instrument, the oud, is tailor-made for milking the anguish from a tune. Its cello-like range reaches from sumptuous bass to arcing treble and its fretless nature allows for sighs and cries in the movement between notes. Joseph’s performance features some of his recent project The Prophet inspired by the poetry of Kahlil Gibran among others.

Only 33 years of age, Joseph Tawadros is established as one of the world’s leading oud performers and composers. A virtuoso of amazing diversity and sensitivity, Joseph performs in concert halls worldwide, dazzling audiences with his bJT with oud at the pyramidsrilliant technique, passionate musicianship and joyous style of performance.

1-7 Cromwell Gardens
Kensington, London SW7 2SL
United KIngdom