Concerto of the Greater Sea (2012)

Concerto of the Greater Sea

JT 2012

Nominated for the Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) “Best World Music Album 2012”

Concerto of The Greater Sea captures the oud player and his younger brother, percussion prodigy James Tawadros, on home soil and in the company of the ACO’s Richard Tognetti, one of the country’s most distinguished violinists-conductors, connecting with more of Gibran’s thoughts and again pushing the boundaries of traditional musical form.

The dynamic tonal range of Joseph Tawadros’s oud, his dazzling technique and articulation are equally evident in both slow and fast sections. The ingenuity of brother James’s work on req (Egyptian tambourine) peaks in The Procession. Elsewhere, bendir (frame drum) provides propulsion. Oud, percussion and orchestra set a scorching tempo in Oasis. – The Australian

  1. Seafarer Joseph Tawadros 5:57


1. The Greater Sea 3:15
2. Rose 4:02
3. Twilight of Memory 5:28
4. Epiphany 2:43
5. Sleepless Mother 6:52
6. Boundless 4:01
7. Seafarer 5:40
8. Oasis 6:02
9. The Wind Prelude 0:33
10. Heart of Rose 4:20
11. The Procession 3:18
12. Upon The Wind 7:55
13. Ebb and Flow 2:20
14. Remember 9:01
15. Departure 3:10
16. Existence 5:30

Featured Artists

Joseph Tawadros (Oud), Richard Tognetti (Violin) & The Australian Chamber Orchestra, James Tawadros (Req’, Bendir), Chris Moore (Viola), Matt McMahon (Piano)