Chameleons of the White Shadow (2013)

Chameleons of the White Shadow


Winner of the Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) “Best World Music Album 2013”

With the inclusion of renowned banjo player Bela Fleck, the gifted Hammond organ playing of Joey DeFrancesco and Richard Bona’s bass – the result is a successful interplay, and often joyous push-pull between elements. Displaying his now-legendary skills as an oud player – diving in and out of heroic, Slash-like burning of the strings – the album creates racy, athletic soundscapes and romantic, mystic, spacious dells. – Sydney Morning Herald

  1. Freo Joseph Tawadros 6:23
  2. Variations on a Dream Joseph Tawadros 4:47


1. White Shadow 5:58
2. Gypo Blues 4:23
3. Rose in the Sky 3:53
4. Chameleon 5:47
5. Hidden Voices 2:17
6. Street in Sarajevo 4:02
7. Freo 6:19
8. Shelter 7:14
9. Variations on a Dream 4:44
10. Last Embrace 3:49
11. Cafe Riche 8:19
12. Tribal Bendir 4:19
13. Time as Place 4:17
14. Broken Promises 4:35

Featured Artists

Joseph Tawadros (Oud), Béla Fleck (Banjo), Richard Bona (Electric Bass), Joey DeFrancesco (Hammond Organ), James Tawadros (Req’ & Bendir)

Special Guests

Roy Ayers (Vibraphone), Howard Johnson (Tuba), Jean-Louis Matinier (Accordion)