World Music – (2016)

World Music Album cover

JT 2016

Video: Click here to see the making of the ‘World Music’ album at Church St Studios

… a tour de force of an album that reaffirms composing and arranging flair and reveals his capacity to play a staggering array of instruments.World Music underlines the ambiguity that characterises the young maestro’s music, blurring boundaries as it crisscrosses predominantly Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Indian terrain.” – Tony Hillier, The Australian, April 2016

This album is totally different to anything I’ve done before. As well as the oud, I’m playing a range of other wonderful instruments. Music is a part of my being – I live and breath it – and this record is my attempt to transfer that energy and life into these other instruments as well as my beloved oud. – Joseph Tawadros

  1. Capoeira by the Nile Joseph Tawadros 2:25
  2. Al Andalus Joseph Tawadros 4:18


1. Exile 2:47
2. Felucca 1:48
3. The Adventure 3:20
4. Dance with Ouzo 2:04
5. Checkpoint 3:23
6. Al Andalus 4:19
7. The Daintree 1:10
8. Winter of Despair 2:14
9. Snow Fall 1:32
10. The Festival Dragon 2:38
11. Camino de Santiago 6:04
12. Bedouin Wedding Dance 3:16
13. The Koel Dervish 3:38
14. Bosphorus 2:09
15. Old Cairo 2:39
16. Silk Road Children 2:26
17. Pont Marie 1:11
18. Capoeira by the Nile 2:24
19. Alone 1:39
20. Mourning Illusions 2:39
21. Blues on Paper 1:17
22. Southern Lullaby 1:18
23. Mantra 1:52
24. Irish Delhi 3:19
25. Desert Rhythms 1:39
26. Lamentations 2:13
27. Hope of Return 2:40
28. Jerusalem 3:19
29. Journey Home 8:11

Featured Artists

Joseph Tawadros
oud, banjo, bouzouki, charango, Cuban tres, domra, lute, mandolin, Portugese guitar, sarod, saz, strum stick, tanbura, tenor, ukulele, nylon string guitar, steel string guitar, electric guitar, bass oud, prepared oud, violin, electric violin, rababah, fiddle, viola, cello, double bass, acoustic bass, electric bass, qanun, celtic harp, nay, hulusi flute, clarinet, cornet, trombone, alto saxophone, accordion, harmonica, piano, kalimba, waterphone, angklung, clave, chimes, meditation chimes, Tibetan singing bowl, bowed saw, drum kit, children’s glockenspiel, Irish whistle, tenor whistle, vocals
James Tawadros
req, bendir, cajon, face percussion, darrabuka, tambourine, angklung, triangle, chimes, waterphone, Indian tabla